Sonata of Spring

The effect of polyphony is produced not only by repeating horizontal rhythm on a plane surface, imitated by rows of fir-trees, windmills or string of sea spray, but also by penetrating into the deepness of space. Here we face the most unique and original phenomenon in all the art of those days - multilayered translucent space, comming out of or disappearing in depth.

From the book "XX a. lietuvių dailės istorija"






1-st Hall: Cycles and Triptychs

"Funeral Symphony"
"The Flood"
"Creation of the World"
"The Zodiac"
"Winter", "Spring", "Summer"
Triptychs ("My Road", "Journey of the Prince", "Raigardas")
Other 1904-6 Year Cycles
Other 1907-8 Year Cycles

2-nd Hall: Musical Painting

"Sonata of the Sun"
"Sonata of Spring"
"Sonata of the Serpent"
"Sonata of the Sea"
"Sonata of the Summer"
"Sonata of the Pyramids"
"Sonata of the Stars"
Preludes and Fugues

3-rd Hall: Other Paintings

Year 1904 Paintings
Year 1905 Paintings
Year 1906 Paintings
Year 1907 Paintings
Year 1908 Paintings
Year 1909 Paintings

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